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Thanks to its design and the colors selected, the FOLIANT Laminators have been branded the YELLOW MACHINES around producers of one-sided laminators, their distributors, and printers from all the world.
Fri 19. January 2018
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FOLIANT Mercury 400SF

icon 06. FOLIANT Mercury 400 SF Datasheet (531.51 kB)
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tv-camera-icon FOLIANT Mercury 400SF with double sided module & pallet stacker
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The FOLIANT Mercury 400 SF is a very compact industrial laminating machine, constructed for a heavy duty digital and offset outputs lamination, with an integrated suction feeder Heidelberg and a high speed bump separator.  Several options are available for the Mercury machine – a module for the double sided lamination, a module with the embossed laminating roller, pallet stacker, etc.  Due to its high pressure system, format and performance the machine is suitable for all jobs – all kinds of digital printed sheets lamination and high volumes of offset printed sheets size B3+ lamination too. The machine maximum speed is up to 25 m/min., while performance is 2400 sheets per hour of B3 portrait (white paper 200 gsm). The machine requires the external compressor (6 - 8 bar, 150 l / min)

Max Speed
25 m / min.
Feeding Automatic
Feeding System
Suction Feeding Head Heidelberg
Feeder's Load Capacity 54 cm
Overlaps Automatic, PLC Control
Overlaps Accuracy + / - 2 mm
Separation Automatic, Bump Rollers
Paper Weight 115 - 600 gsm
Main Rollers Pressure Pneumatic
External Compressor
150 l / min, 6-8 bar
Min. Sheets Size (w x l)
20 x 30 cm
Max. Sheets Size (w x l)
40 x 70 cm
Max. Performance
2400 B3 / hour
Warming up Time 8 min.
Temperature Control
80 - 140°C
Power Supply 3 ph., 400V AC, 50-60 Hz
Power 5000 W
Floor Space (w x l) incl. Jogger 105 x 230 cm
Weight 430 kg
Module for PET Films Processing Optional
Double Sided Laminating Module
Jogger 400 Optional
Pallet Stacker 400 Optional
Pallet Stacker Capacity
70 cm
Film Loader (Electric)
Film Micro Adjustment Air Shaft
Foliant Foiler
Non-sticky pressure roller


The FOLIANT Mercury 400 SF is equipped with a rising pile back separation stream feeder and with a suction feed head Heidelberg. It is driven by an Omron servo motor and controlled by a machine central PLC. The built-in Becker vacuum pump is used for sheets back airing and feeding head suction cups vacuum. The overlaps are electronically controlled, in an „in-run“ automatic mode, from the touch screen. The accuracy is +/- 2 mm under-lap (in a constant speed). The feeder is fitted with a lifting plate and its capacity is a 54 cm pile of paper.


The FOLIANT Mercury 400 SF laminator maximum sheet size is 40 x 70 cm (for example the maximum outputs from Xerox iGen4 are 38 x 66 cm). The minimum sheet size is 30 x 20 cm (A4).The FOLIANT Mercury 400 SF machine is a single sided thermal industrial laminator, laminating the 115 – 600 gsm paper,.

The laminating unit is equipped with an adjustable twin decurl unit:

  • With a decurl blade for offset printed sheets decurling
  • With a decurl roller for digital printed sheets decurling (to prevent the scratches on sheets printed on both sides by digital print with sensitive inks).

The roll of a film is mounted on a quick-changed shaft with a film tension control breaker. The shaft capacity is up to 3000 m of the 24 - 31 microns film. The film holder unit is equipped with a trim slitter and a perforating wheel.
The laminating process is made between two laminating rollers - a highly polished chrome roller, and a lower hard rubber pressure roller. The laminating roller is heated with a dry electric system inside the roller, with a sensitive temperature sensor. The warming up time is shorter than 10 minutes. The pressure is pneumatically adjustable, with an extra independent control knob for each roller edge.

The machine is fitted with OMRON Programmable Logic Controllers, which control all machines’ functions. The used PLC system includes many automation items for an easy control of the machine and a reliable lamination. The whole machine is controlled by an interactive easy understandable icon based touch screen – no language mutation is needed.


The integrated bump separator (sheeter) is equipped with a pair of fast cycling rollers. The process is controlled from the machine PLC unit. The separated sheets are delivered into a vibrating jogger (optional) or a pallet stacker (optional).

Laminating films

The machine laminates the BOPP films (23 – 42 microns) and Nylon films (max. 35 microns). The PET films (max. 25 microns) can be laminated with the optional module only.


  • Jogger 400 (Optional)*

It is an adjustable vibrating reception unit for the laminated sheets stocking. Its capacity is limited up to a 10 cm pile of sheets.

  • Pallet Stacker 400 (Optional)*

It is a device equipped with a lifting plate with a pallet, electronically controlled from the machine PLC, which loads the laminated sheets into a high pile. Its capacity is 70 cm pile of sheets.

  • Non-sticky pressure roller (Optional)

Standard rubber pressure roller is replaced by roller with non-sticky surface. Melted glue from film cannot stick to it even under heavy pressure. Cleaning of this roller is not necessary at all. Allows laminating sheets with windows.

  • Double Sided Laminating Module (2x2)  (Optional)

It is module for one pass double sided sheets lamination. More info in double sided section here: Double sided lamination

  • PET Lamination Module (Optional)

It is a module integrated inside the separator for the PET films (max. 25 microns) processing.

  • Foliant Foiler (Optional)

Winding device that allows use of metalized film (gold, silver, red, etc.) and spot varnish film allpied over print from digital printing machine.

  • Film Loader / Manipulator (Optional)

It is an electric lift with a film core adaptor for loading heavy rolls of film (max. capacity 125 kg). The device is not integrated with the machine.  It is only connected with the machine electric circuits.

  • Film Micro Adjustment Air Shaft (Optional)

Standard film holder is replaced by more sophisticated air shaft that allows quicker and more precise film roll positioning. Shaft expand itselfs by pressure air and film is secured in place without additional holders.


*Important – the machine must be operated either with a Pallet Stacker or with a Jogger.

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